(Who strangely has a very large love of racoons even though he is reincarnated.

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We are currently 13/101Members strong

We hope to reach 100 by March 20 2012.

Feel free to invite your friends to checkout the website.  They should post a message with there username in the join chat (coming soon) 

Questions I will ask you before you join:

  1. Are you an aq worlds upgrade member?
  2. How often do you play?
  3. Do you have microsoft word/powerpoint?

Greetings fellow adventurers, we are going to be in full swing in January.  We havent gotten to do anything recently because of the founding of the clan as well as the holidays.  There is going to be the last huge update of the year this wekend (probably sunday).  First i will begin with upcomming events.  As im sure you are all aware we will be buisness, buisness, and more buisness after the fun of the december.

Friday 12/23/11

  1. New Frostvale event (Part 2)

Friday 12/30/11

  1. New Year's event


                                                                                            Drakon Maximus

                                                                                            Drakon Maximus

                                                                                            Founder of elemental overlords


Required for all members. 

 Any questions email me at jdreinert9@aol.com

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Our Clans Chats 



Question Response: you can ansewer the question of the week here. 

(QofW = question of the week)


What would you like to ee the clan do in the upcoming year?

Our Alliance: Chaoz guild 

You can contact me at jdreinert9@aol.com 

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